Businesses today face a digital imperative. In order to make better and faster decisions — and improve productivity — today’s most progressive businesses are leveraging digital technologies to put highly contextualised information in the hands of their employees, partners and clients. Find out how CSC can work with you to provide the knowledge, industry expertise and partnerships to help you get started on your own digital journey. Browse and download CSC insights and solution area content.
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Brochure: Revolutionise Application Management
CSC Management as a Service – Custom Applications is an industrialised outsourcing service for managing custom and commercial off-the-shelf applications. Learn more.

Whitepaper: Building The Service Enabled Enterprise
Next-gen technologies and the as-a-service economy are converging to unlock tremendous business value. Learn more.

IT organisations straddle two worlds – in one they provide reliability and efficiency; the other demands agility and innovation. Download the CSC insights below to help solve these challenges.

Whitepaper: Now is the Time to Modernise your Application Portfolio
CIOs are on their way to rationalising their application portfolios, shifting their budgets from cost to investment, and bringing new life to their legacy applications. Learn more.

Cloud solutions and services are enabling enterprises to accelerate innovation, deliver business agility and reduce costs. Find out how you can securely move to the cloud and rapidly modernise and integrate applications by downloading the CSC insights below.

Brochure: CSC Agility Platform
The industry’s only cloud management platform. CSC Agility Platform accelerates the transformation to “Everything as a Service”. Learn more.

Solution Sheet: High-Performance Secure Hybrid Cloud Management
Harness the hybrid cloud with a single point of control. A common cloud hybrid platform from CSC and AT&T. Learn more.

Whitepaper: Systems Integration is Dead – Long Live Services Integration
Systems integration is an increasingly outdated model that will not support the next wave of business models. Accelerating technological change has created new economic imperatives. Learn more.

Success Story: Top 20 Global Bank
Facing new regulations and competition, a Top 20 global bank needed to significantly reduce IT costs while improving IT agility and reducing time-to-market for new applications and services. Learn more.

As new data, applications and next-gen devices enter organisations, integration and security are key, as is being able to work the way employees choose - wherever, however and whenever. With an end-to-end solution that's personalised for your workstyle and available as a service, we can help solve problems and accelerate business. Discover more about Workplace Services offerings below.
Brochure: Personalising Your Workplace Experience
An integrated and personalised experience across communities that accelerates business. Learn more.

Whitepaper: Personalising the Workplace Experience
The workplace is changing. A survey based on quantitative analysis of the trends and outlooks for today’s workers.
Learn more.
As you move into the 3rd Platform and leverage Big Data and Analytics, Cloud, Mobility, Social Media and the Internet of Things, securing your operations is paramount. Leverage CSC's global security expertise as we share our insights below.

Brochure: Cyber Identity and Access Management
Secure access across the enterprise. Manage user identities and their entitlements, and control access while meeting regulatory and security requirements. Learn more.

Brochure: Risk Management Centres
Achieve better protection of your security investments through better managed environments, reduced cost and complexity, and increased visibility and awareness of your security posture. Learn more.

The world of data is presenting enormous challenges – from the amount of data being produced to the way in which it’s structured and used. It also presents you incredible opportunities through Big Data and Analytics insights - discover more by downloading the CSC insights below.

Brochure: Harnessing Big and Fast Data Simplified
A fully integrated and managed big data platform, delivered as-a-Service, helps to rapidly acquire and apply analytics insights. Learn more.

Technology transformation and the impact of new technology on organisations is a ongoing challenge. CSC Consultants have helped scores of companies across industries and geographies uncover technology barriers to business growth - we share our insights below.

Brochure: Agility Isn’t a Buzzword it’s a Mandate
A comprehensive, modular set of services that help organisations move through the modernisation journey. Learn more.

Brochure: Need to Jump Start Your Digital Transformation
The objective of the digital journey is to move the IT organisation from a traditional ‘plan-build-run’ approach to a ‘plan-consume’ business model. Get a Jump Start to your digital transformation. Learn more.
Brochure: Future Edge for Modernisation – Empower Your Business Through Application Revitalisation
In today’s world, companies that fail to keep up with the unrelenting pace of innovation run the risk of falling way behind. Learn more.
Whitepaper: Digital Disruption: Time for Action by Banks
Banking is at a crossroads and decisions made today about the pace and direction of travel may ultimately decide the future of institutions. Learn more.

Infographic: CSC Company Profile
CSC’s mission is to enable superior returns on our clients’ technology investments through best-in-class industry solutions, domain expertise and global scale. Learn more.
The explosive growth in the number of networked mobile smart devices is increasing users’ expectations for anytime, anywhere connection to family, friends, businesses and places of work. To fulfil these expectations and stay relevant in today’s digital world, organisations need to become ‘digital enterprises’.

Whitepaper: How to Avoid Costly Failures with Your Big Data & Analytics Investments
The pressure to “do something” related to big data is growing. But do what, exactly? Learn more.

CSC leads clients on their digital transformation journey, providing innovative next-generation technology solutions and services that leverage deep industry expertise, global scale, technology independence and an extensive partner community. Our people help commercial and international public sector clients solve their toughest challenges by modernizing their business processes, applications and infrastructure with next-generation technology solutions.

Report: IDC MarketScape: Asia/Pacific Managed Security Services 2015 Vendor Assessment
In the IDC MarketScape: Asia/Pacific Managed Security Services 2015 Vendor Assessment report, CSC has been named a "leader." Learn more.

Whitepaper: Digital Transformation of Government
There is a huge upside to harnessing the digital world more effectively. For governments, the opportunity to take stock of vital and unique assets, information and citizen access is now. Learn more.

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    We offer the following demonstrations and assessments which can be personalised for you and your organisation. To find out more, please contact us today. 

•  Risk Management Centre Tour. Reserve a tour of CSC’s state-of-the-art, government certified Risk Management Centre in Sydney.
•  Customised Cloud Orchestration Demo. A customised demonstration of the CSC Agility Platform with your technology team.
•  Workforce Collaboration. A deep dive CSC MyWorkstyle demonstration for your organisations’ executive team.
•  Benchmark With A Big Data Assessment. A personalised Big Data Analytics Assessment to benchmark your organisation against industry peers.
•  Digital Evolution Survey Discovery Session. Discovery session with our experts as they step you through the survey and provide actionable insights.
•  Digital Jumpstart Journey Meeting. With our Digital Jumpstart team to get your organisation on the digital journey.
•  Leading Industry Experts. A customised session with our industry experts who provide benchmarking expertise and can help identify learnings, insights
   and practical next steps to take.
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Whitepaper: A Digital Enterprise Requires 'IT as a Service‘ - The Journey to ITaaS
IT is increasingly being delivered and consumed as a service. How can you transform your business into an agile, innovative operation using an IT as a Service model. Learn more.
Whitepaper: The Digital Enterprise Imperative
Businesses need to become ‘digital enterprises’ in order to stay relevant in today’s digital world. Organisations have to give up control in order to regain control. The ecosystem will create the control. Learn more.
Whitepaper: Digital Transformation Enablement: Ten Hidden Issues
As governments and organisations digitise over the coming years, they will need to adapt to a host of hidden challenges. Learn more.
Whitepaper: Giving Up Control to Regain Control - NZ's Digital Enterprise Imperative
Digital and mobile technologies create the opportunity to transform services and processes. Find out how NZ executives are addressing their digital transformation journey. Learn more.